Worthy of the cause.

The Children's Program of Northern Ireland works to develop understanding and respect for diversity through relationships between children of all traditions. We promote constructive approaches to conflict resolution through cross-community activities and through five-week summer visits with families in Minnesota.

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“I wish every kid in Northern Ireland could come to America like I did. It was the trip of a lifetime.” -Richard, age 10

Towards a new day.

Each year we welcome children chosen equally from both of Northern Ireland's religions. While so many aspects of life have changed for the better in recent years, there are still many of the divisions and tensions of the past. We see our program with your support as vital to the mending of broken fences and restoring of good community relationships.

Become a host family today

“My host mum was brilliant. She comforted me while I was homesick” -Martin, age 11

You have what it takes.

For just five weeks this summer you can share your home and enrich a child's life for years to come. Whether it's your family's Irish heritage, a concern for the children of Northern Ireland, or the simple joy of introducing your family to an inspirational young person - This is your opportunity to make a difference.

Become a host family today

“I was scared at first, but my host family made me feel like one of their family right away.”
-Kerry, age 10

Gather round for a memory.

Everything in America is new and exciting - from campfire cookouts to bleacher seats at a Twins baseball game. By becoming a host, you'll introduce a child to the treasured memories of riding bikes, playing outdoors and having the freedom to explore what makes Minnesota such a fun place to live.

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“I learned how to waterski and tube behind a boat. I even got to steer the boat with my host mum.” -Emily, age 10

Making every day count.

As a host family you'll be able to check our calendar for fun group activities like Cross Community Day, a 4th of July Picnic and the Irish Fair. We'll keep you in the loop with all the games and activities that encourage the principles of the cross-community program.

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“My host sister and I made a promise to each other that we'd stay BFF and be in each other's wedding when we get big.” -Courtney, age 11

We are all family.

The impact you can make in a child's life cannot be measured. In becoming a host family you'll have the opportunity to share with a young person the kind of support and caring that will change lives for the better.

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“I did NOT like the mosquitoes, but I LOVED the sunshine.” -Mitchell, age 10

It starts with you.

The Children's Program of Northern Ireland is accepting applications for host families to participate in the summer 2016 program. We're excited about our program and providing Minnesota families an opportunity to share in an amazing experience.

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“The influence and encouragement received from my host family has helped shape where I am today.” -Dr. Claire Harrison